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prepare NEWS for 0.6.18
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+Avahi 0.6.18
+This is a bugfix release, adds a few new features and includes a new
+ * Add a new library libavahi-ui which contains a standard Gtk dialog
+ for browsing for services, and a new tool "zssh" that makes use of
+ it, which allows browsing for SSH and VNC servers and starts ssh or
+ xvncviewer if one item is selected.
+ * avahi-autoipd has been ported to FreeBSD (original patch from Bruce M Simpson)
+ * Improve OpenBSD, Solaris, MacOS X compatibility
+ * Linux inotify support for monitoring /etc/avahi/services/ and
+ /etc/avahi/hosts for changes. (Original patch from "behanw")
+ * Add the ability to dump the service type database from avahi-browse
+ with the new option "-b".
+ * Improve compatibility with Bonjour's libdns_sd (patch from Chris Rivera)
+ * Various updates to the service type database (based on patches from uws)
+ * Fix a local DoS vulnerability (very low priority, all you can do is
+ make Avahi hit an assert()); problem identified by "jamesh"
+ * Fix a problem when constantly generating conflict events for an RR
+ * Fix registration of very large RRs (original patch from Sjoerd Simons)
+ * Various minor fixes
+This release is backwards compatible with Avahi 0.6.x with x < 18.
Avahi 0.6.17