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@@ -37,7 +37,7 @@ INTERFACE DEFINITION
- BOOL RequestRelease(INT32 priority, BOOL show_ui) (mandatory)
+ BOOL RequestRelease(INT32 priority) (mandatory)
Ask the current owner of the device to release
the device for take-over. The application
@@ -51,16 +51,12 @@ INTERFACE DEFINITION
the service should return FALSE and do nothing
- If show_ui is TRUE the current owner may
- release the device after some form of user
- interaction. If show_ui is FALSE the current
- owner must reply quickly and without user
- interaction.
The current owner doesn't need to base its
decision whether to return TRUE or FALSE
solely on the value of priority. It may take
- other facts into consideration.
+ other facts into consideration. However this
+ function is supposed to return quickly,
+ i.e. no user interaction shall be involved.
INT32 Priority (optional)
@@ -130,10 +126,9 @@ LOGIC
further access to the device.
An application shall watch for
- org.freedesktop.DBus.NameOwnerChanged signals and give up
+ org.freedesktop.DBus.LostName signals and give up
device access in case its service name is forcibly taken
- away. This signal may also be used to monitor which
- application currently owns the audio device.
+ away.
While an application holds the service name it may exclusively
access the device. It doesn't need to always keep it open