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* update to current polypaudioLennart Poettering2004-09-191-3/+3
* add support for showing default sink and default sourceLennart Poettering2004-09-061-1/+9
* update for polypaudio 0.3Lennart Poettering2004-08-271-1/+4
* sample cache stuffLennart Poettering2004-08-191-7/+120
* add support for statwindowLennart Poettering2004-08-181-3/+35
* fix source output and sink input updateingLennart Poettering2004-08-161-8/+8
* add sink input/source output support (currently broken)Lennart Poettering2004-08-161-0/+59
* Move everything to src/ directoryLennart Poettering2004-08-151-0/+290