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authorDiego E. 'Flameeyes' Pettenò <>2009-01-22 20:02:42 +0100
committerDiego E. 'Flameeyes' Pettenò <>2009-01-22 20:02:42 +0100
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Improve the ltdl discovery code by checking for libtool 2.x functions.
The lt_dladvise_* interfaces are implemented only in the 2.x series and are not implemented in 1.4, so we can rely on their presence to know that the version is good enough.
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@@ -244,6 +244,10 @@ dnl exactly which version of libltdl is present in the system, so we
dnl just assume that it's a working version as long as we have the
dnl library and the header files.
+dnl As an extra safety device, check for lt_dladvise_init() which is
+dnl only implemented in libtool 2.x, and refine as we go if we have
+dnl refined requirements.
dnl Check the header files first since the system may have a
dnl for runtime, but no headers, and we want to bail out as
dnl soon as possible.
@@ -253,7 +257,7 @@ dnl can give the proper place to find libltdl through the standard
dnl variables like LDFLAGS and CPPFLAGS.
- [AC_CHECK_LIB([ltdl], [lt_dlopen], [LIBLTDL=-lltdl], [LIBLTDL=])],
+ [AC_CHECK_LIB([ltdl], [lt_dladvise_init], [LIBLTDL=-lltdl], [LIBLTDL=])],
AS_IF([test "x$LIBLTDL" = "x"],