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Make sure libpulse never gets unloaded
When an .so is unloaded during runtime all TLS keys it has registered need to be freed because the destructor callbacks of the TLS key might otherwise point to invalid code. Hence it would appear sensible to destruct the TLS keys from a function marked as __attribute__ ((destructor)). However functions marked like that are also called when an application terminates, on exit(). If a thread continues to run until the very exit it might still want to access that TLS data. The destructor functions are called while all other threads are still running. If __attribute ((destructor)) is used to destruct TLS keys for such threads this might hence cause a crash when the application shuts down. To circumvent this problem we'll now compile libpulse with -z nodelete, to make it unnecessary to delete the TLS data ever and thus avoiding the problem. It's suboptimal, but for now I see no better solution.
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