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+<title>polypaudio: Daemon</title>
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+<h2>Command Line Arguments</h2>
+The <tt>polypaudio</tt> daemon accepts several command line arguments:
+<p><tt>-L MODULE</tt>: Load the specified module. This option may be specified more than once.</p>
+<p><tt>-F FILE</tt>: Run the specified script. This option may be specified more than once.</p>
+<p><tt>-C</tt>: Load the module <a href="modules.html#module-cli"><tt>module-cli</tt></a> after startup.</p>
+<p><tt>-D</tt>: Daemonize after successfully executing all scripts and loading all modules.</p>
+<p><tt>-f</tt>: Unless this option is given the daemon will terminate if any of the specified modules failed to load or the script didn't execute successfully.</p>
+<p><tt>-v</tt>: Increase the verbosity of the daemon.</p>
+<p><tt>-h</tt>: Show a quick help.</p>
+<p>It is a good idea to run the daemon like this:</p>
+<pre>polypaudio -D -F /etc/polypaudio/</pre>
+<p><tt>/etc/polypaudio/</tt> should be a script written in the CLI language described in <a href="cli.html">cli.html</a>
+<p>The following signals are trapped specially:</p>
+<p>The daemon is shut down cleanly.</p>
+<p>The daemon tries to load the module <a href="modules.html#module-cli"><tt>module-cli</tt></a>, effectively providing a command line interface on the calling TTY.</p>
+<p>The daemon tries to load the module <a href="modules.html#module-cli-protocol-unix"><tt>module-cli-protocol-unix</tt></a>, effectively providing a command line interface on a special UNIX domain socket.</p>
+<address class="grey">Lennart Poettering &lt;@PACKAGE_BUGREPORT@&gt;, July 2004</address>
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