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@@ -17,8 +17,7 @@ Post 0.8:
- use software volume when hardware doesn't support all channels (alsa done)
- double check channel maps for backends, including that mixer and pcm match
- paplay needs to set a channel map. our default is only correct for AIFF.
- (for maximum compatiblity, we should let old files, which don't have a
- well defined channel map, use the ALSA channel map)
+ (we need help from libsndfile for this)
Long term:
- pass meta info for hearing impaired
@@ -29,3 +28,6 @@ Backends for:
- sdl
- OSS (esddsp style)
- gstreamer (needs to be updated)
+- fix channel maps in all external backends. Take care when doing volume
+ changes if you're modifying a sink/source since those might have a different
+ map.