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@@ -5,17 +5,14 @@ Post 0.8:
- dbus/hal
- polish for starting polypaudio as root/system-wide instance
- chroot()
-- add threading API
- module-tunnel: improve latency calculation
- port from howl to avahi
- multiline configuration statements
- use scatter/gather io for sockets
-- add a synchronous API (base it on xmms-polyp)
- rtp module ported to Win32 (sendmsg/recvmsg emulation)
- CODECs to reduce bandwidth usage (plug-in based)
- Remove symdef files and use macros (like most other projects)
- use software volume when hardware doesn't support all channels (alsa done)
-- double check channel maps for backends, including that mixer and pcm match
- paplay needs to set a channel map. our default is only correct for AIFF.
(we need help from libsndfile for this)
- silence generation should be moved into the core to avoid races and code
@@ -23,10 +20,12 @@ Post 0.8:
- examine if it is possible to mimic esd's handling of half duplex cards
(switch to capture when a recording client connects and drop playback during
that time)
-- fix channel maps in all external backends. Take care when doing volume
- changes if you're modifying a sink/source since those might have a different
- map.
- in avahi-simple: sleep until latency data is available again if NODATA has happened
+- Fix a way for the threading API to handle state and subscription callbacks
+ in a nice way.
+- iconv stuff sent from utils to server (UTF-8)
+- iconv stuff leaving the server (e.g. syslog). Sample loading probably needs
+ help as well.
Long term:
- pass meta info for hearing impaired