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add new switch --start to the PA binary which allows starting PA if it is not running yet. In contrast to normal startup an already running PA will not be considered an error. Also, take the autospawn lock so we can guarantee that after this call returns PA is ralive and running
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@@ -33,6 +33,7 @@ USA.
<cmd>pulseaudio <opt>--dump-modules</opt></cmd>
<cmd>pulseaudio <opt>--dump-resample-methods</opt></cmd>
<cmd>pulseaudio <opt>--cleanup-shm</opt></cmd>
+ <cmd>pulseaudio <opt>--start</opt></cmd>
<cmd>pulseaudio <opt>--kill</opt></cmd>
<cmd>pulseaudio <opt>--check</opt></cmd>
@@ -91,6 +92,16 @@ USA.
+ <p><opt>--start</opt></p>
+ <optdesc><p>Start PulseAudio if it is not running yet. This is
+ different from starting PulseAudio without <opt>--start</opt>
+ which would fail if PA is already running. PulseAudio is
+ guaranteed to be fully initialized when this call
+ returns. Implies <opt>--daemon</p>.</optdesc>
+ </option>
+ <option>
<p><opt>-k | --kill</opt></p>
<optdesc><p>Kill an already running PulseAudio daemon of the