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--- a/src/pulsecore/time-smoother.h
+++ b/src/pulsecore/time-smoother.h
@@ -29,13 +29,19 @@
typedef struct pa_smoother pa_smoother;
-pa_smoother* pa_smoother_new(pa_usec_t adjust_time, pa_usec_t history_time, pa_bool_t monotonic);
+pa_smoother* pa_smoother_new(pa_usec_t x_adjust_time, pa_usec_t x_history_time, pa_bool_t monotonic, unsigned min_history);
void pa_smoother_free(pa_smoother* s);
+/* Adds a new value to our dataset. x = local/system time, y = remote time */
void pa_smoother_put(pa_smoother *s, pa_usec_t x, pa_usec_t y);
+/* Returns an interpolated value based on the dataset. x = local/system time, return value = remote time */
pa_usec_t pa_smoother_get(pa_smoother *s, pa_usec_t x);
-void pa_smoother_set_time_offset(pa_smoother *s, pa_usec_t offset);
+/* Translates a time span from the remote time domain to the local one. x = local/system time when to estimate, y_delay = remote time span */
+pa_usec_t pa_smoother_translate(pa_smoother *s, pa_usec_t x, pa_usec_t y_delay);
+void pa_smoother_set_time_offset(pa_smoother *s, pa_usec_t x_offset);
void pa_smoother_pause(pa_smoother *s, pa_usec_t x);
void pa_smoother_resume(pa_smoother *s, pa_usec_t x);