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diff --git a/src/memblockq.h b/src/memblockq.h
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--- a/src/memblockq.h
+++ b/src/memblockq.h
@@ -8,11 +8,18 @@
struct pa_memblockq;
-/* Parameters: the maximum length of the memblock queue, a base value
-for all operations (that is, all byte operations shall work on
-multiples of this base value) and an amount of bytes to prebuffer
-before having pa_memblockq_peek() succeed. */
-struct pa_memblockq* pa_memblockq_new(size_t maxlength, size_t base, size_t prebuf);
+/* Parameters:
+ - maxlength: maximum length of queue. If more data is pushed into the queue, data from the front is dropped
+ - length: the target length of the queue.
+ - base: a base value for all metrics. Only multiples of this value are popped from the queue
+ - prebuf: before passing the first byte out, make sure that enough bytes are in the queue
+ - minreq: pa_memblockq_missing() will only return values greater than this value
+struct pa_memblockq* pa_memblockq_new(size_t maxlength,
+ size_t tlength,
+ size_t base,
+ size_t prebuf,
+ size_t minreq);
void pa_memblockq_free(struct pa_memblockq*bq);
/* Push a new memory chunk into the queue. Optionally specify a value for future cancellation. This is currently not implemented, however! */
@@ -46,6 +53,9 @@ uint32_t pa_memblockq_get_delay(struct pa_memblockq *bq);
uint32_t pa_memblockq_get_length(struct pa_memblockq *bq);
/* Return how many bytes are missing in queue to the specified fill amount */
-uint32_t pa_memblockq_missing_to(struct pa_memblockq *bq, size_t qlen);
+uint32_t pa_memblockq_missing(struct pa_memblockq *bq);
+uint32_t pa_memblockq_get_minreq(struct pa_memblockq *bq);