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diff --git a/src/pulsecore/dbus-util.h b/src/pulsecore/dbus-util.h
index 9ff298d8..9cee293c 100644
--- a/src/pulsecore/dbus-util.h
+++ b/src/pulsecore/dbus-util.h
@@ -26,11 +26,13 @@
#include <pulsecore/llist.h>
#include <pulse/mainloop-api.h>
+#include <pulse/proplist.h>
/* A wrap connection is not shared or refcounted, it is available in client side */
typedef struct pa_dbus_wrap_connection pa_dbus_wrap_connection;
pa_dbus_wrap_connection* pa_dbus_wrap_connection_new(pa_mainloop_api *mainloop, pa_bool_t use_rtclock, DBusBusType type, DBusError *error);
+pa_dbus_wrap_connection* pa_dbus_wrap_connection_new_from_existing(pa_mainloop_api *mainloop, pa_bool_t use_rtclock, DBusConnection *conn);
void pa_dbus_wrap_connection_free(pa_dbus_wrap_connection* conn);
DBusConnection* pa_dbus_wrap_connection_get(pa_dbus_wrap_connection *conn);
@@ -60,4 +62,37 @@ void pa_dbus_sync_pending_list(pa_dbus_pending **p);
/* Free up a list of pa_dbus_pending_call objects */
void pa_dbus_free_pending_list(pa_dbus_pending **p);
+/* Sends an error message as the reply to the given message. */
+void pa_dbus_send_error(DBusConnection *c, DBusMessage *in_reply_to, const char *name, const char *format, ...) PA_GCC_PRINTF_ATTR(4, 5);
+void pa_dbus_send_empty_reply(DBusConnection *c, DBusMessage *in_reply_to);
+void pa_dbus_send_basic_value_reply(DBusConnection *c, DBusMessage *in_reply_to, int type, void *data);
+void pa_dbus_send_basic_variant_reply(DBusConnection *c, DBusMessage *in_reply_to, int type, void *data);
+void pa_dbus_send_basic_array_variant_reply(DBusConnection *c, DBusMessage *in_reply_to, int item_type, void *array, unsigned n);
+void pa_dbus_send_proplist_variant_reply(DBusConnection *c, DBusMessage *in_reply_to, pa_proplist *proplist);
+void pa_dbus_append_basic_array(DBusMessageIter *iter, int item_type, const void *array, unsigned n);
+void pa_dbus_append_basic_array_variant(DBusMessageIter *iter, int item_type, const void *array, unsigned n);
+void pa_dbus_append_basic_variant(DBusMessageIter *iter, int type, void *data);
+void pa_dbus_append_basic_variant_dict_entry(DBusMessageIter *dict_iter, const char *key, int type, void *data);
+void pa_dbus_append_basic_array_variant_dict_entry(DBusMessageIter *dict_iter, const char *key, int item_type, const void *array, unsigned n);
+void pa_dbus_append_proplist(DBusMessageIter *iter, pa_proplist *proplist);
+void pa_dbus_append_proplist_variant(DBusMessageIter *iter, pa_proplist *proplist);
+void pa_dbus_append_proplist_variant_dict_entry(DBusMessageIter *dict_iter, const char *key, pa_proplist *proplist);
+/* Helper functions for extracting the value argument of a Set call. If the
+ * message is invalid, an error reply is sent and a negative number is
+ * returned. */
+int pa_dbus_get_basic_set_property_arg(DBusConnection *c, DBusMessage *msg, int type, void *data);
+int pa_dbus_get_fixed_array_set_property_arg(DBusConnection *c, DBusMessage *msg, int item_type, void *data, unsigned *n);
+/* If the arguments can't be read from the iterator, an error reply is sent and
+ * a negative number is returned. */
+int pa_dbus_get_basic_arg(DBusConnection *c, DBusMessage *msg, DBusMessageIter *iter, int type, void *data);
+int pa_dbus_get_fixed_array_arg(DBusConnection *c, DBusMessage *msg, DBusMessageIter *iter, int item_type, void *array, unsigned *n);
+/* Returns a new proplist that the caller has to free. If the proplist can't be
+ * read from the iterator, an error reply is sent and NULL is returned. */
+pa_proplist *pa_dbus_get_proplist_arg(DBusConnection *c, DBusMessage *msg, DBusMessageIter *iter);