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diff --git a/src/pulsecore/sink.h b/src/pulsecore/sink.h
index 3cd7e59d..936d1c2a 100644
--- a/src/pulsecore/sink.h
+++ b/src/pulsecore/sink.h
@@ -90,9 +90,10 @@ struct pa_sink {
unsigned n_volume_steps; /* shall be constant */
/* Also see */
- pa_cvolume virtual_volume; /* The volume clients are informed about */
- pa_cvolume reference_volume; /* The volume taken as refernce base for relative sink input volumes */
+ pa_cvolume reference_volume; /* The volume exported and taken as reference base for relative sink input volumes */
+ pa_cvolume real_volume; /* The volume that the hardware is configured to */
pa_cvolume soft_volume; /* The internal software volume we apply to all PCM data while it passes through */
pa_bool_t muted:1;
pa_bool_t refresh_volume:1;
@@ -303,11 +304,8 @@ int pa_sink_update_status(pa_sink*s);
int pa_sink_suspend(pa_sink *s, pa_bool_t suspend, pa_suspend_cause_t cause);
int pa_sink_suspend_all(pa_core *c, pa_bool_t suspend, pa_suspend_cause_t cause);
-void pa_sink_update_flat_volume(pa_sink *s, pa_cvolume *new_volume);
-void pa_sink_propagate_flat_volume(pa_sink *s);
-void pa_sink_set_volume(pa_sink *sink, const pa_cvolume *volume, pa_bool_t propagate, pa_bool_t sendmsg, pa_bool_t become_reference, pa_bool_t save);
-const pa_cvolume *pa_sink_get_volume(pa_sink *sink, pa_bool_t force_refresh, pa_bool_t reference);
+void pa_sink_set_volume(pa_sink *sink, const pa_cvolume *volume, pa_bool_t sendmsg, pa_bool_t save);
+const pa_cvolume *pa_sink_get_volume(pa_sink *sink, pa_bool_t force_refresh);
void pa_sink_set_mute(pa_sink *sink, pa_bool_t mute, pa_bool_t save);
pa_bool_t pa_sink_get_mute(pa_sink *sink, pa_bool_t force_refresh);