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* | Implement new flags DONT_INHIBIT_AUTO_SUSPEND and START_UNMUTEDLennart Poettering2008-10-261-1/+1
* | bump micro versionLennart Poettering2008-10-251-1/+1
* | make new build logic actually workLennart Poettering2008-10-221-1/+0
* | temporary commit to allow flameeyes a lookLennart Poettering2008-10-211-8/+5
* | Support showing a backtrace on log messagesLennart Poettering2008-10-211-0/+1
* | Modularise the RAOP stuff that requires OpenSSL and make it optional at compi...Colin Guthrie2008-10-081-0/+41
* | bump version and sonamesLennart Poettering2008-10-061-3/+3
* | bump revisionsLennart Poettering2008-09-091-4/+4
* | drop -Winline from build cflagsLennart Poettering2008-09-011-1/+1
* | Add CFLAGS information on start-upMarc-André Lureau2008-08-291-0/+2
* | use final glibc eventfd() instead of our homegrown syscall invocationsLennart Poettering2008-08-191-0/+1
* | add a few more gcc warning flags and fix quite a few problems found by doing soLennart Poettering2008-08-191-1/+1
* | run autoupdateLennart Poettering2008-08-191-24/+24
* | Merge commit 'flameeyes/autoconf-2.62'Lennart Poettering2008-08-181-93/+68
|\ \
| * | Replace some manual build tests with AC_CACHE_CHECK and AC_COMPILE_IFELSE.Diego 'Flameeyes' Pettenò2008-08-081-52/+58
| * | Create a new macro for checking compiler support for TLS.Diego 'Flameeyes' Pettenò2008-08-081-11/+1
| * | Replace the CFLAGS-checking code with a common macro from xine-lib.Diego 'Flameeyes' Pettenò2008-08-081-24/+6
| * | Use AC_PROG_CC_C99 to discover C99-compliant compiler.Diego 'Flameeyes' Pettenò2008-08-081-4/+2
| * | Create an m4 directory for common macros and use it.Diego 'Flameeyes' Pettenò2008-08-081-0/+1
| * | Remove gettext macros from, intltool is used.Diego 'Flameeyes' Pettenò2008-08-081-2/+0
| * | Bump autoconf requirement to 2.62 (latest released version).Diego 'Flameeyes' Pettenò2008-08-081-1/+1
| |/
* | add some code to make invalid valgrind warnings go awayLennart Poettering2008-08-181-0/+4
* | bump releaseLennart Poettering2008-08-181-1/+1
* add i18n supportLennart Poettering2008-08-061-0/+12
* define CANONICAL_HOST as macro for the GNU canonical hostLennart Poettering2008-08-031-0/+1
* add extension system for native protocolLennart Poettering2008-08-031-1/+1
* bump needed automake versionLennart Poettering2008-07-301-1/+1
* Make the alsa error message give out the needed version.Petteri Räty2008-07-301-1/+1
* bump api versonLennart Poettering2008-07-231-1/+1
* bump alsa dep to 1.0.17Lennart Poettering2008-07-231-1/+1
* make missing gdbm fatal (spotted by Betelgeuse)Lennart Poettering2008-07-231-1/+1
* fix gconf autoconf checkLennart Poettering2008-07-211-1/+1
* get rid of our internal copy of the speex resampler. Instead, link against a ...Lennart Poettering2008-06-281-0/+4
* update speex resamplerLennart Poettering2008-06-271-0/+2
* Add xmltoman to the distribution. This saves pulling in an external dependancyColin Guthrie2008-06-251-26/+0
* remove remaining $Lennart Poettering2008-06-181-2/+0
* make state and config path for system instance configurableLennart Poettering2008-05-211-0/+6
* bump so revisionsLennart Poettering2008-05-151-2/+2
* merge glitch-free branch back into trunkLennart Poettering2008-05-151-3/+7
* update copyright yearLennart Poettering2008-03-311-1/+1
* merge r2136 from prepare-0.9.10Lennart Poettering2008-03-311-1/+1
* merge r2189 from prepare-0.9.10Lennart Poettering2008-03-311-2/+2
* merge r2190 from prepare-0.9.10Lennart Poettering2008-03-311-1/+1
* fix the help for --disable-per-user-esound-socket so that it actuallyDiego Petteno2008-03-311-1/+1
* Enable per-user esound sockets by default. Esound CVS already enables this by...Lennart Poettering2008-03-271-28/+44
* modernize polkit code a bit, use new functions from pk 0.7 instead of our hom...Lennart Poettering2008-03-271-15/+11
* add proper arm atomic ops support, patch from Jyri SarhaLennart Poettering2008-03-261-7/+95
* Test for _struct_ lt_user_dlloader, otherwise it won't be found.Diego Petteno2008-03-091-1/+1
* Build and run using libltdl from libtool 2.2. The user module loader support ...Diego Petteno2008-03-081-0/+6
* look for timer_create in librt, Closes #210, patch supplied by matthijsLennart Poettering2008-02-151-0/+1