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* rename a bunch of filesLennart Poettering2004-07-161-948/+0
* implement get_latency native commandLennart Poettering2004-07-151-0/+51
* add pactl toolLennart Poettering2004-07-151-0/+61
* implement client side TCP supportLennart Poettering2004-07-151-4/+61
* implement parec-simple and matching simple recording APILennart Poettering2004-07-101-9/+38
* implement recording in native APILennart Poettering2004-07-101-8/+13
* fix recording for simpel and esound protocolsLennart Poettering2004-07-091-1/+2
* add output stream drainingLennart Poettering2004-07-071-1/+60
* draining ind native protocolLennart Poettering2004-07-071-96/+267
* auth support in esound and nativeLennart Poettering2004-07-061-27/+81
* add pa_ prefix to all identifiers.Lennart Poettering2004-07-031-60/+60
* add resamplingLennart Poettering2004-07-031-1/+1
* make native playback workLennart Poettering2004-06-271-2/+2
* many fixesLennart Poettering2004-06-271-4/+12
* some fixesLennart Poettering2004-06-241-1/+1
* minor compile workLennart Poettering2004-06-231-1/+2
* main part of the native protocolLennart Poettering2004-06-231-0/+451