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authorTanu Kaskinen <>2011-02-07 18:35:51 +0200
committerColin Guthrie <>2011-02-22 10:10:48 +0000
commit969c7c80fe380a7263472fa065f04990286ed7bb (patch)
treea763183a372f3099695cab2eb2c6c57f2ea40ea5 /src/pulsecore/sink.h
parent1f848f82c4571f169f18f86b4bd2ec6f863acca0 (diff)
core: Link virtual sinks and sources to their streams.
This change doesn't add any functionality in itself, but it will be useful in the future for operating on chains of sinks or sources that are piggy-backing on each other. For example, the PA_PROP_DEVICE_MASTER_DEVICE property could be handled in the core so that each virtual device doesn't have to maintain it separately. By using the origin_sink and destination_source pointers the core is able to see at stream creation time that the stream is created by a virtual device, and then update that device's property list using the name of the master device that the stream is being connected to. The same thing can be done also when the stream is being moved from a device to another, in which case the _MASTER_DEVICE property needs updating.
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diff --git a/src/pulsecore/sink.h b/src/pulsecore/sink.h
index 4d569ddc..8a515870 100644
--- a/src/pulsecore/sink.h
+++ b/src/pulsecore/sink.h
@@ -44,6 +44,7 @@ typedef struct pa_sink_volume_change pa_sink_volume_change;
#include <pulsecore/card.h>
#include <pulsecore/queue.h>
#include <pulsecore/thread-mq.h>
+#include <pulsecore/sink-input.h>
@@ -86,6 +87,7 @@ struct pa_sink {
pa_idxset *inputs;
unsigned n_corked;
pa_source *monitor_source;
+ pa_sink_input *input_to_master; /* non-NULL only for filter sinks */
pa_volume_t base_volume; /* shall be constant */
unsigned n_volume_steps; /* shall be constant */