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* device-manager: Rather than flagging the device as available, just include th...Colin Guthrie2009-10-101-4/+1
* device-manager: Change the prefer/defer options to a single 'reorder' command.Colin Guthrie2009-10-011-42/+11
* device-manager: Expose the priority lists in the protocol extension.Colin Guthrie2009-10-011-1/+30
* device-manager: Change the write function to a rename function.Colin Guthrie2009-10-011-31/+9
* device-manager: Provide a method for prefering/defering a device.Colin Guthrie2009-10-011-0/+74
* device-manager: Provide a way for clients to enable/disable role-based device...Colin Guthrie2009-10-011-0/+32
* device-manager: Add an untested protocol extension.Colin Guthrie2009-10-011-0/+358