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Remove support for internal distributing and bundling of libltdl.
Standing to what the libtool documentation says, the LTDL_INIT macro and the related configure options are only useful when intending to distribute libltdl, and is superfluous if the system copy were always to be used. Which makes it very easy to just drop the internal copy and use the system library, just do it like any other library lacking pkg-config files to identify its presence. If this tries to build against an older libtool version it might fail at link time, so for now this is not an user-proof solution. But it at least should provide a working environment for packagers.
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EXTRA_DIST = LICENSE GPL LGPL doxygen/ doxygen/ doxygen/ README todo
-SUBDIRS = libltdl src doxygen man po
+SUBDIRS = src doxygen man po
noinst_DATA =