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sink-input: Add a format-lost event
This event is emitted if the sink-input could not be moved to a new sink because it doesn't support the format of the sink-input. Clients can reconnect their stream with a different format if they wish or gracefully exit.
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diff --git a/src/pulse/def.h b/src/pulse/def.h
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--- a/src/pulse/def.h
+++ b/src/pulse/def.h
@@ -912,6 +912,13 @@ typedef void (*pa_free_cb_t)(void *p);
* information, \since 0.9.15 */
#define PA_STREAM_EVENT_REQUEST_UNCORK "request-uncork"
+/** A stream event notifying that the stream is going to be
+ * disconnected because the underlying sink changed and no longer
+ * supports the format that was originally negotiated. Clients need
+ * to connect a new stream to renegotiate a format and continue
+ * playback, \since 1.0 */
+#define PA_STREAM_EVENT_FORMAT_LOST "format-lost"