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volume: Add a PA_VOLUME_UI_MAX define for the recommended max volume to show in UIs
This value is not a technical upper limit, it's just a 'sensible' value that is not crazy high, but also allows software amplification above 0dB (aka 100%) for very quiet audio sources. We recommend that a comprehensive volume control UI should allow users to set volumes up to this limit, although of course should deal gracefully if the user has set the volume even higher than this without resulting in a feedback loop that effectively limits the upper volume. The value chosen is +11dB. This was selected somewhat subjectively and is very similar to the current 150% that gnome-volume-control uses (which is ~+10.57dB). On the plus side, we now recommend that everyone allows 'Volumes up to 11' which is pretty awesome.
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diff --git a/src/pulse/volume.h b/src/pulse/volume.h
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--- a/src/pulse/volume.h
+++ b/src/pulse/volume.h
@@ -115,6 +115,13 @@ typedef uint32_t pa_volume_t;
/** Maximum valid volume we can store. \since 0.9.15 */
#define PA_VOLUME_MAX ((pa_volume_t) UINT32_MAX/2)
+/** Recommended maximum volume to show in user facing UIs.
+ * Note: UIs should deal gracefully with volumes greater than this value
+ * and not cause feedback loops etc. - i.e. if the volume is more than
+ * this, the UI should not limit it and push the limited value back to
+ * the server. \since 0.9.23 */
+#define PA_VOLUME_UI_MAX (pa_sw_volume_from_dB(+11.0))
/** Special 'invalid' volume. \since 0.9.16 */
#define PA_VOLUME_INVALID ((pa_volume_t) UINT32_MAX)