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* bump sonamev0.9.21Lennart Poettering2009-11-231-1/+1
* alsa: fix minor sampling rate deviations before adjusting the buffer sizeLennart Poettering2009-11-231-7/+9
* alsa: fix log output when the audio device refuses to give us again the same ...Lennart Poettering2009-11-232-2/+2
* pulse: ask for timing updates both *before* and *after* triggering a stream s...Lennart Poettering2009-11-231-2/+36
* pulse: delay smoother update only when unpausing, not when pausing, since we ...Lennart Poettering2009-11-231-17/+19
* pulse: try to fix inaccuracy with uncork timing for streams that are created ...Lennart Poettering2009-11-231-1/+16
* daemon: complain if user passes too many argumentsLennart Poettering2009-11-231-0/+37
* Merge branch '0.9.20-stable' into stable-queueColin Guthrie2009-11-202-50/+61
| * rygel: fix itemCount property for sources0.9.20-stableLennart Poettering2009-11-181-11/+34
| * build-sys: Fix missing trailing slash in 14eaf2Colin Guthrie2009-11-161-1/+1
| * build-sys: Make sure all alsa path config files are installedSjoerd Simons2009-11-161-37/+25
* | device-manager: Update docs version -> 0.9.20Colin Guthrie2009-11-111-12/+12
* | device-manager: Update docs version -> 0.9.20Colin Guthrie2009-11-111-12/+12
* | device-manager: Fix compiler warning.Colin Guthrie2009-11-111-4/+4
* | device-manager: Rather than flagging the device as available, just include th...Colin Guthrie2009-11-113-9/+6
* | device-manager: Play nice with module-stream-restore.Colin Guthrie2009-11-111-37/+47
* | device-manager: Make use of PA_IDXSET_FOREACH when applying entries.Colin Guthrie2009-11-111-12/+12
* | device-manager: Keep track as to whether or not the user specifically renamed...Colin Guthrie2009-11-111-9/+40
* | device-manager: No need to check the version after calling read_entry()Colin Guthrie2009-11-111-4/+4
* | device-manager: Fix typo in module loading script.Colin Guthrie2009-11-111-1/+1
* | device-manager: Add some scripts that are only run under KDE to load/initiali...Colin Guthrie2009-11-113-3/+52
* | device-manager: Misc fixes to co-exist with other stream management/routing m...Colin Guthrie2009-11-111-40/+30
* | device-manager: Misc fixes.Colin Guthrie2009-11-111-37/+47
* | device-manager: Fix the writing of the database when priority doesn't change.Colin Guthrie2009-11-111-1/+3
* | device-manager: Add extra debug messagesColin Guthrie2009-11-111-1/+19
* | device-manager: Change the prefer/defer options to a single 'reorder' command.Colin Guthrie2009-11-114-136/+154
* | device-manager: Don't notify clients on every subscription (it happens all th...Colin Guthrie2009-11-111-6/+18
* | device-manager: Save icon and report current availability over protocol.Colin Guthrie2009-11-111-17/+53
* | device-manager: Expose the priority lists in the protocol extension.Colin Guthrie2009-11-113-38/+86
* | device-manager: Add a function to dump the database which we do whenever we s...Colin Guthrie2009-11-111-15/+107
* | device-manager: Reroute streams when they change allowing the media.role to b...Colin Guthrie2009-11-111-212/+243
* | device-manager: Refactor the routing method to allow the routing of a single ...Colin Guthrie2009-11-111-65/+80
* | device-manager: More sensible names for internal functionsColin Guthrie2009-11-111-10/+8
* | device-manager: Reroute the streams on startup and update our cache on enable.Colin Guthrie2009-11-111-10/+8
* | device-manager: Keep a cache of the highest priority devices for each role.Colin Guthrie2009-11-111-47/+52
* | device-manager: Fix the database write modeColin Guthrie2009-11-111-3/+3
* | device-manager: Update exportsColin Guthrie2009-11-111-1/+4
* | device-manager: Some efficiency and safety tweaksColin Guthrie2009-11-111-4/+9
* | device-manager: Allow the routing component to be turned on via a module argu...Colin Guthrie2009-11-111-12/+14
* | device-manager: Remove unused variablesColin Guthrie2009-11-111-3/+0
* | device-manager: Set the most appropriate sink/source when new streams are cre...Colin Guthrie2009-11-111-16/+50
* | device-manager: Add routing functions that are triggered when sinks/soruces a...Colin Guthrie2009-11-111-61/+136
* | device-manager: Add a function to get a list of the highest priority device i...Colin Guthrie2009-11-111-0/+81
* | device-manager: Remove unneeded logic for checking for and (un)loading module...Colin Guthrie2009-11-111-35/+0
* | device-manager: Rough framework (slots etc.) for handling routing.Colin Guthrie2009-11-111-5/+201
* | device-manager: debug and commentsColin Guthrie2009-11-111-1/+2
* | device-manager: Fix the freeing of the datum on prefer/defer.Colin Guthrie2009-11-111-5/+4
* | device-manager: When a new device is encountered, initialise the priority lis...Colin Guthrie2009-11-111-4/+56
* | device-manager: Let subscribed clients know when something changes.Colin Guthrie2009-11-111-0/+16
* | device-manager: Change the write function to a rename function.Colin Guthrie2009-11-113-75/+44