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* Make sure to set 'no' on the variable cached.Diego Elio 'Flameeyes' Pettenò2009-03-051-1/+1
* run make update-shaveLennart Poettering2009-03-021-23/+27
* build: shave it!Marc-André Lureau2009-02-241-0/+69
* update gitignoreLennart Poettering2008-08-191-0/+9
* Create a new macro for checking compiler support for TLS.Diego 'Flameeyes' Pettenò2008-08-081-0/+17
* Replace the CFLAGS-checking code with a common macro from xine-lib.Diego 'Flameeyes' Pettenò2008-08-081-0/+258
* Create an m4 directory for common macros and use it.Diego 'Flameeyes' Pettenò2008-08-085-0/+394