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* default: esd is obsolete, hence don't load it anymore by defaultHEADmasterLennart Poettering2012-05-161-3/+3
* build-sys: Add more build-time conditionals to config filesMaarten Bosmans2011-06-302-6/+34
* build-sys: Process configuration files with m4Maarten Bosmans2011-06-302-44/+12
* build-sys: Move some more defines to configure.acMaarten Bosmans2011-06-301-1/+1
* win32: Make some unused-variable warnings go awayMaarten Bosmans2011-06-242-4/+9
* Remove unnecessary #includesMaarten Bosmans2011-06-225-15/+0
* Disable check for pthreads on win32Fritz Elfert2011-06-181-1/+3
* daemon: Fix regression introduced in f1d1447e.Colin Guthrie2011-03-251-3/+43
* daemon: Fix some more error paths in the double forking.Colin Guthrie2011-03-251-1/+8
* daemon: Fix regression with --start introduced with the double fork in 8e94f653Colin Guthrie2011-03-241-9/+42
* log: Correct bad function implementationVincent Becker2011-03-241-17/+15
* Move compile-time checks around pa_run_from_build_tree to core-utilMaarten Bosmans2011-03-241-10/+1
* win32: Simplify dl_search_path codeMaarten Bosmans2011-03-241-13/+6
* daemon: Fix missing include - cpu-orc.hArun Raghavan2011-03-201-0/+1
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'mkbosmans/mingw32-build'Colin Guthrie2011-03-201-0/+14
| * Find modules and config files relative to the installed libraries.Maarten Bosmans2011-03-191-0/+14
* | log: Add a new log target to a file descriptorVincent Becker2011-03-182-2/+24
* | Fix up some double spacesMaarten Bosmans2011-03-182-2/+2
* | volume: Add Orc-based optimised volume scalingArun Raghavan2011-03-051-0/+1
* | conf: Make use udev-detect and not hal-detect.Colin Guthrie2011-03-032-4/+4
* | Get rid of some unused-function compiler warningsMaarten Bosmans2011-03-021-4/+2
* Use pa_read, pa_write and pa_poll instead of system functionsMaarten Bosmans2011-02-171-1/+1
* Implement some functions for win32Maarten Bosmans2011-02-171-1/+1
* Apply #ifdefs around functionality not available on win32Maarten Bosmans2011-02-174-0/+13
* Adapt win32 specific code to current APIMaarten Bosmans2011-02-171-2/+2
* Use <pulsecore/socket.h> instead of <sys/socket.h>Maarten Bosmans2011-02-171-1/+1
* Clean up <poll.h> includesMaarten Bosmans2011-02-171-4/+0
* build: Don't include empty in subdirsMaarten Bosmans2011-01-311-20/+0
* console-kit: Console Kit support is dependent on DBUS and is thus optional.Colin Guthrie2011-01-111-0/+2
* Fix typosZhang Wanming2010-12-201-1/+1
* build-sys: Replace dummy Makefiles with proper'sColin Guthrie2010-12-052-1/+20
* daemon-conf: Add sync volume parameters to daemon-confJyri Sarha2010-10-164-1/+20
* cpu: Add CPU information to pa_coreArun Raghavan2010-09-231-5/+8
* daemon: first take name on the bus, then return in starter processLennart Poettering2010-02-211-9/+9
* Typo. s/a/are/Paul Menzel2010-01-211-1/+1
* start: we don't need to check for $PULSE_SERVER anymoreLennart Poettering2010-01-141-2/+0
* daemon: Don't autospawn if a server address is explicitly configured.Tanu Kaskinen2010-01-091-0/+30
* fix a number of warningsDaniel Mack2010-01-051-0/+4
* daemon: complain if user passes too many argumentsLennart Poettering2009-11-201-0/+37
* daemon: during startup say whether we run in a VMLennart Poettering2009-11-051-1/+2
* daemon: make sure pa has its own session and process group, but is not its le...Lennart Poettering2009-10-311-20/+20
* daemon: realpath segfault fixDavid Yoder2009-10-311-1/+1
* git: ignore kde related filesLennart Poettering2009-10-301-0/+1
* daemon: don't crash if pa_realpath() failsLennart Poettering2009-10-301-10/+13
* use pa_fopen_cloexec() where applicableLennart Poettering2009-10-301-2/+2
* use cloexec wrappers wherever applicableLennart Poettering2009-10-301-3/+1
* Merge remote branch 'coling/history'Lennart Poettering2009-10-072-0/+41
| * device-manager: Fix typo in module loading script.Colin Guthrie2009-10-021-1/+1
| * device-manager: Add some scripts that are only run under KDE to load/initiali...Colin Guthrie2009-10-012-0/+41
* | Merge branch 'master' into dbus-workTanu Kaskinen2009-10-026-261/+27