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* Specifying ALSA mixer controlKyle Cronan2009-03-311-1/+1
* don't enabled tsched on software ALSA devicesLennart Poettering2009-03-301-0/+2
* Use LGPL 2.1 on all files previously using LGPL 2Colin Guthrie2009-03-031-1/+1
* add logic for initializing a useful icon nameLennart Poettering2009-03-011-1/+1
* get additional device data from udevLennart Poettering2009-03-011-0/+1
* implement device reservation schemeLennart Poettering2009-02-241-0/+2
* add new wrapper pa_alsa_safe_delay() around snd_pcm_delay()Lennart Poettering2009-02-231-0/+1
* add new function pa_alsa_get_driver_name_by_pcm()Lennart Poettering2009-02-231-0/+2
* big alsa module rework to make things more robust to broken sound drivers and...Lennart Poettering2009-02-201-1/+1
* make profile names translatableLennart Poettering2009-02-201-1/+1
* simplify pa_alsa_init_proplist_pcm() a bit and include resolution bits in als...Lennart Poettering2009-02-181-1/+2
* unify ALSA mixer initializationLennart Poettering2009-02-141-0/+1
* add new function pa_alsa_get_driver_name()Lennart Poettering2009-01-301-0/+2
* include a few HAL properties in our card/sink/source properties for ALSA devicesLennart Poettering2009-01-241-2/+3
* add new call pa_alsa_open_by_device_id_profile()Lennart Poettering2009-01-201-11/+26
* add priority logic to find best default profileLennart Poettering2009-01-201-0/+1
* Split up pa_alsa_init_proplist into two seperate functions for the card and s...Lennart Poettering2009-01-171-1/+2
* add card profile proberLennart Poettering2009-01-161-0/+13
* remvoe a bit of duplicate codeLennart Poettering2009-01-161-1/+2
* Add SPDIF/HDMI ALSA devices and device descriptions to device search tableLennart Poettering2009-01-151-1/+3
* move alsa and oss modules into their own subdirectoriesLennart Poettering2009-01-151-0/+98