path: root/src/pulsecore/card.c
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* core: Add a new hook PA_CORE_HOOK_CARD_PROFILE_CHANGEDColin Guthrie2011-02-251-0/+2
* card: make sure to always hand failure code back in some callsLennart Poettering2009-06-171-10/+19
* card: some modernizationsLennart Poettering2009-06-171-9/+7
* prop: introduce new PA_PROP_DEVICE_INTENDED_ROLES propertyLennart Poettering2009-06-081-0/+1
* core: add a suspend cause flags fieldLennart Poettering2009-06-051-3/+4
* add missing initializationLennart Poettering2009-03-251-0/+1
* only store card profile if flagged for thatLennart Poettering2009-03-231-3/+7
* Use LGPL 2.1 on all files previously using LGPL 2Colin Guthrie2009-03-031-1/+1
* add logic for initializing a useful icon nameLennart Poettering2009-03-011-0/+3
* don't claim that profile changes are always successfulLennart Poettering2009-02-121-1/+1
* add new function pa_card_suspend()Lennart Poettering2009-01-221-0/+17
* don't include full path in driver name.Lennart Poettering2009-01-221-1/+2
* make pa_card_new_data::active_profile a stringLennart Poettering2009-01-211-10/+24
* when changing profiles do the actual assignment in the generic implementationLennart Poettering2009-01-211-1/+5
* remove bogus pa_core_check_idle() callLennart Poettering2009-01-211-2/+0
* add priority logic to find best default profileLennart Poettering2009-01-201-2/+15
* fix destruction when no profiles are definedLennart Poettering2009-01-201-3/+5
* actually create pa_card object in module-alsa-cardLennart Poettering2009-01-171-3/+10
* rename card config to card profileLennart Poettering2009-01-151-25/+25
* maintain a list of sink inputs/source outputs as part of the pa_client objectLennart Poettering2009-01-151-2/+4
* add new pa_card object as a way to logically combine multiple sinks and sourcesLennart Poettering2009-01-151-0/+196