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* conf: add pa_config_parse_not_bool() for parsing inverse boolean configuratio...Lennart Poettering2009-08-121-0/+1
* Use LGPL 2.1 on all files previously using LGPL 2Colin Guthrie2009-03-031-1/+1
* parse ini-style sections properlyLennart Poettering2009-02-051-6/+9
* add pa_config_parse_unsigned()Lennart Poettering2008-10-211-0/+1
* Make the shared memory segment size configurableLennart Poettering2008-10-011-1/+2
* get rid of svn $ keywordsLennart Poettering2008-06-181-2/+0
* Add copyright notices to all relevant files. (based on svn log)Pierre Ossman2007-02-131-0/+2
* big s/polyp/pulse/gLennart Poettering2006-06-191-0/+47