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* make simple protocol not crash when allocating a memory blockLennart Poettering2008-10-021-4/+8
* add a few more gcc warning flags and fix quite a few problems found by doing soLennart Poettering2008-08-191-8/+8
* make all protocol objects global singletonsLennart Poettering2008-08-031-79/+139
* get rid of svn $ keywordsLennart Poettering2008-06-181-2/+0
* never hand out more data from a sink input than requested. Otherwise the resa...Lennart Poettering2008-05-271-0/+2
* merge glitch-free branch back into trunkLennart Poettering2008-05-151-58/+118
* Completely rework ALSA device selection code: choose the device to open depen...Lennart Poettering2007-11-131-2/+2
* merge 'lennart' branch back into trunk.Lennart Poettering2007-10-281-113/+255
* Add copyright notices to all relevant files. (based on svn log)Pierre Ossman2007-02-131-0/+2
* Huge trailing whitespace cleanup. Let's keep the tree pure from here on,Pierre Ossman2007-01-041-27/+27
* Revert r1404 and keep it on a development branch until it is fully tested.Pierre Ossman2006-11-061-17/+5
* rework memory block management to be thread-safe and mostly lock-free.Lennart Poettering2006-09-261-5/+17
* remove all occurences of Lennart Poettering2006-08-181-9/+9
* Rework memory management to allow shared memory data transfer. The central ideaLennart Poettering2006-08-181-5/+3
* implement hook_source_ouput_new. For this I modified the pa_source_output_new...Lennart Poettering2006-08-131-10/+9
* allow hooking into the process of creating playback streams. To implement thi...Lennart Poettering2006-08-131-9/+10
* big s/polyp/pulse/gLennart Poettering2006-06-191-0/+494